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Natural and Homeopathic Prevention: Travelers' Diarrhea: Back to Articles
by Lauren Feder, MD

Although we usually associate travel with pleasure, it can also be tiring, trying and make one more susceptible to getting sick - which spoils the fun. The most common concern amongst travelers is digestive complaints, such as traveller's diarrhea.

Personally, my family and I travel to Mexico frequently and have found my aresenal of homeopathy and natural medicines to be invaluable. 

In addition, to avoiding raw foods, salads, and ice, we take the following routinely  as a prevention: Colloidal Silver, probiotics, and Arsenicum album (all taken once a day)  help in strengthening the immune system and gastrointestinal tract.   If it is during the colder months or we are feeling more rundown than usual we add Briar Rose (children) and Black Currant (for adults).
The following is a list of homeopathic medicines that are also commonly used in case of actual symptoms:

Arsenicum album is one of my favorite remedies to bring while traveling or to use at the first sign of food poisoning. Symptoms include severe cramps and burning pains, vomiting, and diarrhea that is worse at midnight and after eating and drinking. The stools are acrid, watery, and putrid smelling. Arsenicum is also indicated for bloody, mucousy stool. The child is typically thirsty for sips, anxious, and prefers company.  There can be sweats and chilliness, made better with warmth.
Chamomilla is useful for diarrhea while teething. Consider Chamomilla when a baby has green stools that look like spinach and smell like rotten egg. This remedy is strongly indicated for colic, teething, and other conditions where baby is extremely fussy, irritable, and better being carried. Also useful for adults too.

Podophyllum is recommended for copious, gushing diarrhea which explodes into the entire toilet bowl. There is a sense of urgency and it is worse at four in the morning and in the evening. The stool is watery, and may be yellow, mucousy,  and bloody with a bad odor. The diarrhea is also aggravated from eating or drinking. Podophyllum can be for diarrhea that is painless or associated with cramps in legs and belly. The child is exhausted and thirsty for cold water.  In addition to being used for diarrhea from infection, it can also treat teething-related diarrhea.

Sulphur is useful for painless diarrhea that drives the child up urgently out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. Stool and gas have the odor of rotten eggs. As a strong skin remedy, it is often associated with skin conditions, including redness, itching, and burning around the anus.

Veratrum album, one of the main remedies for cholera, is useful when there is simultaneous vomiting with diarrhea (Arsenicum album). The stool has a consistency of rice water and no odor.  The child or adult is debilitated, cold feeling in the belly, and complains of stomach pains.

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