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Introduction to Traditional Osteopathy

Overdue: Natural Approach to Inducing Labor

Homeopathic Pre-labor Protocol for Easier Childbirth

Ultrasound and Pregnancy

Tips on How to Achieve a Natural Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

Vaginal Birth and Gut Flora; A Reason to Not Choose a C-Section

The Medicalization of Childbirth

Homeopathic Medicine for Easier Childbirth

Healthcare and Wisdom from the Ages: The Best of Both Worlds

On Being Tongue-Tied

Flu Treatment SOS

Fever: What to Do

The Wonderful Uses of Homeopathy

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Natural Treatments for Cough

Conventional Treatment of Coughs

A New Look at an Old Diet: 12 Tips (infants to adults)

Autism: General Health Tips


Immune Boosters FAQ

Natural and Homeopathic Prevention During Travel

Homeopathic Medicine: Directions for Use

Recommended Remedies Before and After the Shot

Homeopathy for Travel and Camping

Homeopathic Treatment for Jaundice

Boost the Immune System During the Flu Season, Naturally

Gemmotherapy Herbs for Cold and Flu

The Healing Effects of Onion



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Office Information
Doctor Referral List (LA Area) - Adults

The following is a list of standard medical doctors that we refer to in our area.  For a wider scope of holistic practitioners in Los Angeles (and beyond), please see our directory.  Please verify your insurance coverage before making your appointment.  For Pediatric Referral List, click here.   

Laurie Binder (310)564-4325
Ann Bailey (310)462-3663

Richard Harris MD (310)275-0380

Norman Lepor MD (310)289-9955
David Frisch MD (310)659-6716

Dental/Facial Myologist (Oral)
Joy Moeller (310)454-4044

Rhonda Rand MD (310)273-0467
Christie Kidd PAC (310)432-6647

Nancy Neirick (310)652-8446

Ears, Nose, Throat
Eugene Flaum MD (310)657-6420
David Alessi MD (310)657-2253
Raphael Nach MD( 310)657-0123

Run Yu, MD (310) 423-3870
Eva Cwynar MD (310) 271-5438
Jordan Geller MD (310) 652-3870

Edward Share MD (310)652-4472
Charles Frankel MD (310)453-1871

Hemotologist/ Oncologist
Philomena McAndrew MD (310)888-8680

Holistic Dental
Joseph Sarkissian DDS (818) 247-7828.
Raymond Silkman DDS (310) 445-9098

Infectious Disease
Mose Arditi MD 310-423-4471

Sacred Entrance (310)566-7690
Haven at home (661)252-8987
Davi Khalsa (310)278-6333
Home Birth Service (818)760-6541
Shelly Girard (323)221-7822
Mary Lou O’Brien (310)376-5647
Debbie Frank (310) 275-5595
Community Birth Center (323) 541-9100

Ed Amos MD (310)829-2126

OB/ Gyn
Paul Crane MD/Anthony Chin MD (310)659-5810
Jessica Schneider MD (310)278-1490
Jennifer Lang MD (310)282-9900
Mark Dwight MD (310)977-4190

Charles Aronberg MD (310)273-2333

Orthopedic Surgery
Robert Klapper (310)659-6889
William Brien (310)423-9955

Physical Therapy
Matthew Stodolsky (323)588-7600
Diana Reiss (323)965-7713

Benjamin Nikravesh MD (323)782-8586
Jeff Klemes MD (310)657-4080

Dr. Haleh Stahl (310) 614-0760
Michele LeChau (310) 487-6636
Susan Picascia (818) 752-1787
Jeri Brown (323)876-0400

Frank Tan MD (310)826-3180

Andrew Wachtel MD (310)657-3792

Surgery, General
Steve Chen MD (310)423-2331
Brendan Carroll MD(310)854-0151
David Fermelia MD (310)278-0567

Tower Urology (310)854-9898

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