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The Healing Effects of Onion



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Lauren Feder, M.D. is a general practitioner who also specializes in homeopathic medicine for children, adults and pregnant women.  In addition to homeopathy, Lauren and her associate, Karen Jacobs, work together to offer pediatrics, primary care medicine and general physical exams.. Lauren is married to Dr. Rene Haarpaintner. They have two sons, Etienne and Quentin.

LeTrinh Hoang, D.O. is a vaccine friendly pediatrician offering primary care, well child visits and acute sick visits.  She is also a traditional osteopathic physician.  She incorporates traditional osteopathy and homeopathy in consultation for infants with nursing issues, sleep issues, chronic allergies and ear infections.  For adults, she offers Osteopathic consultations for migraines, chronic sinusitis, back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica, IBS, endometriosis, chronic constipation, and myriad medical conditions poorly addressed by conventional medicine.

Karen Jacobs, P.A.  is a physician assistant who practices pediatrics and primary care medicine for adults including well-woman care. Also trained in homeopathy, Karen and Lauren share the same vision of optimal health using complementary forms of medicine to achieve the 'best of both worlds.'  She is the mother of two girls, Maya and Eliza.


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