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In this educational DVD, I show women where the pelvic floor is, how to locate it; you can find it with your fingers externally; once you have this knowledge, it is a good foundation for discretely tightening your pelvic floor with my exercises.  You can do them while in the car, at home, or in the bathroom stall at the mall. There are no messy devices to insert.  My patients tell me that they get better over time and do not need it as much (which is the ultimate philosophical goal of Osteopathy and Homeopathy).  For the patients that I have consulted in office and taught these exercises, I tell them that they will know when their pelvic floor is starting to bounce back because they will get "the sex dream."  Even my worst patient, who has been in 3 car accidents, had 1 miscarriage and 3 deliveries of 3 very big babies, even she eventually got her "sex dream."  She was so bad, I kept asking and she kept saying "no" that I gave up asking.  One day we had an OMT visit and she finally brought it was six months later.  So, I believe that even the most severe cases can recover.  On a more serious note, we discuss urinary stress incontinence, fecal incontinence, painful sex, decreased libido and other medical consequences of a weak pelvic floor.  Men, give this gift to every woman in your life (wife, sisters, mother).  You don't need to know about it, but she (they) will.
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