EMF Protection:
by Dr. Hoang

Dear Valued Patients & Web Customers,

We want to share with you some to the newest products we have been testing & using for our patients here in the office. The feedback has been phenomenal and we want you to be the first to partake of what we have learned from them.

After 2 years of lockdown and life trying to return back to normal, patients have reported seeing more cell towers erected in their communities. We are seeing increasing health effects from the total load of EMFs form cell towers, satellites, digital devices, dirty electricity & WIFI in the home.

We now carrying a sleep-cap (for night time) that can also double as a hat liner to shield the head & brain from EMFs during the day. Our patients who purchased the sleep-cap/hat liner have also purchased shielding top and bottom sheets (limited quantities) & a few have asked for shielding hoodie jackets (significantly on back order). We recommend that you start with the sleep-cap/hat liner if you suspect that you are EMF sensitive.

EMFs cause cell membrane disruption, DNA injury, immune system problems, we now carry a liquid liposomal Vitamin C and liposomal glutathione, both powerful antioxidants on their own, but in liposomal delivery form, they are more bioavailable to the body for repair work.

We have started to recommend that our patients take these supplements at night. When we are at rest, blood flow and pressure to the brain allows more delivery than in the daytime when we are upright. Only during REM sleep is blood flow to the brain equal and maximally distributed. Rather than getting energy and staying awake, our toxically overloaded bodies find relief and we end up sleeping better. Combined with a EMF shielded head, patients wake up more refreshed and can sense changes. 

Stay tuned for the next newsletter as we will share with you what are doing for our patients who do not want to get injections and even if they did get injected for work, what we are doing if they had reactions.