Immune Boosters FAQ:
by Lauren Feder, MD

Immune Boost FAQs

Especially during the  cold and flu season, I am often asked by parents about natural medicines that can be used to strengthen the immune system.The following list is a guide of how we use  the following products in our office.

General Immune Strengtheners
For children and adults who are not sick often, but would like an extra boost:  Can be taken when around people who are sick, as needed or several times a week for school children.
Briar Rose (children)
Black Currant or Common Birch (adults)
Probiotic:s Great ifor mmune system and digestion during travel.

Immune Strengtheners (flu)
Winter Tonic 2010-2011 for children and adults is an immune boost during the flu season.
Oscillococcinum (children and adults) taken at the onset of the flu.

Immune Strengtheners Plus
For children and adults who have weakened immune systems, are sick often or who have been on many rounds of antibiotics and need extra strengthening
Briar Rose (children)
Black Currant or Common Birch (adults)
Arabinex  or Silver Biotics

During Illness add:
Silver Biotics